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American Tactical Entry  Accessories Mfg. has designed a multi-function deployment tool for Noise Flash Diversionary Devices (NFDDs) called


Available in any length up to 120" long, it is designed to be operated by one man without the need to ever have to remove and relocate your grip. "The THUNDERSTICK" Flashbang Pole utilizes a tool-free method of easily inserting and securing your NFDD in seconds. "The THUNDERSTICK" Flashbang Pole also incorporates a wide throat integral "Break & Rake" hook with 6 hardened steel replaceable breaking points. Once an operator breaches a window they then activate the NFDD with a simple

ergonomic finger pull lever.  The design of

"The THUNDERSTICK" helps to orientate the NFDD in a horizontal position to allow for maximum effectiveness of the NFDD's sound and pressure waves to travel throughout the target location. After detonation of the NFDD the operator can then simply raise "The THUNDERSTICK" to the top of the window sash or curtain headrail and pull the entire pole to utilize it as a common "Break & Rake" tool without the need for additional tools and manpower. The element of surprise, the ability to disorientate and the necessity of clear visibility can be accomplished effectively with just one tool.

 " THE THUNDERSTICK " Flashbang Deployment Pole